Patient Fees

Bank details for online payment: 03 1599 0053874 00

Fees vary depending on your age, your entitlements to subsidies and the services we provide. We are happy to provide further information on request.

We are a general practice contracted to Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd Primary Health Organisation (PHO). The fees information given below is for those patients who are enrolled with our practice as a member of the PHO. The fees vary according to the age groups receiving government subsidies. The table of fees shows our standard consultation fees for enrolled patients in the different age groups.

There may be additional charges for:

• accounts not paid on the day of consultation
• longer consultations or additional services provided
• patients who are not enrolled with this practice (casual patients)
• after hours consultations
• patients who are enrolled but not yet funded
• nursing services

From 1 July 2023 you may be charged $30 for failing to attend an appointment.

Enrolled Patient Fees

0 – 13 years 14 – 17 years 18 years & over
Free $40 $60
With Community Services Card
Free $13.00 $19.50

Enrolled Patient ACC Fees

0 – 13 years 14 – 17 years 18 years & over
 Free  $30.00 $45.00
With Community Services Card
Free $13.00 $19.50